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“Bobbi’s terrific and excellent at what she does. I’ve grown more in two months, when it comes to relating and loving my wife, than I had in the previous 5 to 6 years.”   Kevin W.

“Bobbi’s skill at hearing nuances, seeing patterns and connections, and reflecting the different facets of whatever it is we are discussing is invaluable. Fuzzy possibilities gain clarity and focus. Aimless wanderings find milestones, clear directions, and fuel to go forward. Every conversation brings to light hidden details and unnoticed assumptions that have been lurking in the shadows. Her emphasis on process and positive momentum, her compassionate presence, and her insightful observations combine to create a resource that is rare in our frenetic 24/7 culture. She embodies the best qualities of a trusted friend with the priceless addition of the skills, experience, and intuition that make her a superlative life coach. Our session time is never dull. Whether the subject brings laughter or tears, surprising discoveries and “Aha!” epiphanies are always part of the hour.”   Tom C.

Start on your path to success today!
I recall attending a seminar and listening to a Vince Lombardi, Jr. talk about achieving success through mental toughness, discipline, and commitment.  You know, diving into the deep-end – that sink or swim philosophy!   Along the same lines, Nike made a fortune with its ad campaign, “Just do it!” While this approach may work for some people, what about those who walk to the edge of the pool, peer into the water, stick their big toe in ... and then just turn around?  What holds some people back and keeps them from jumping in?  Often fear and old habits hold us back … and often that leaves us feeling empty and unfulfilled.   But, it doesn’t need to be this way.  You can take charge of your life!

A Certified Life Coach will support, guide and inspire you to discover your passion, overcome barriers to success, face fears, develop new skills and communicate more effectively in ways that will to help you reshape relationships and affect smooth transitions in your personal and professional life.


Personal Life Coaching
Confidential personal coaching sessions that will help you begin living life with greater purpose, confidence, and joy. 

​Relationship Coaching 

Relationships are a massive part of our personal and public lives.  Let me help you find, maintain, build and balance more positive relationships with family, friends and coworkers.

Professional Development

If you are feeling stuck in your current position or career or are struggling to balance the demands of your personal and professional life, let me help you design a better future and pathway to success in your professional life.   

Interactive group sessions for individuals who want to learn
new skills and achieve lasting change.

Step into your Greatness – a workshop designed to help
both men and women learn how to shake off limiting beliefs and build greater self-confidence.  

Curvy Women Coaching Circle – an eight-week workshop 
that help women transform the way they think, feel and act toward food from the inside out ... and discover what they are truly hungry for! 

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