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“Bobbi took the time to really get to know me and my professional and family background.  In just a few short sessions she helped me with my confidence, energy, and decision making processes.  Bobbi helped me to understand that I had all of the abilities to move forward with my decisions, I just had to learn how to find them and motivate myself to keep my mind free of negativity and doubt.  What a great experience I have had with Bobbi!. I highly recommend her to anyone.  The decisions she has helped me make have changed my life.”   Ian D.

“I was completely overwhelmed and shut down.  Bobbi helped me see my self-defeating mindset and shift from, “I can’t” to one of “I can.”  I have made great strides.”    Beverly S.

“Through Coaching I have become a stronger person. I’m able to ask for what I want and deserve without feeling guilty each time.  Thanks to Bobbi, I am a more successful person today both personally and professionally.”    Sandy W.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the differences between Coaching, Therapy and Consulting? 

Coaching is forward moving and future focused. The major focus of Counseling is to address the healing of the past and/or possible medical conditions, which may be both psychological and/or physical in nature. The therapeutic process may focus on the healing and resolution of issues rooted in the client's past, or issues related to abuse, addictions, or trauma response. 

Therapy outcomes often include improved emotional/feeling states. While positive feelings/emotions may be a natural outcome of coaching, the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one's work or personal life. 

The emphasis in a coaching relationship is on action, accountability and follow through. Coaching is less concerned with a client's remedial work (healing old wounds) and more focused on moving a client forward, while taking the past and present into consideration. The main thrust of coaching is to develop the client's present and future life, through new observations that support possibilities for different more effective actions. Becoming a powerful observer in life leads to new possibilities for different and more effective results to achieve goals and dreams with a forward momentum. 

Consultants have a specialized expertise and offer prescribed solutions. A coach believes
people are capable of generating their own solutions and offers a supportive, discovery-based approach. A trainer assumes a linear learning path which coincides with an established curriculum.  A coach is less linear without a set curriculum. The client and the coach may co-create the learning goals. (Source: ICF) 

Who do you Coach? I coach adults, both men and women. I specialize in working with individuals in transition albeit in their personal or professional lives. I am passionate about
helping people overcome their fears and barriers to success. I create a safe space for self-discovery where you can step into your greatness! 

Where did you receive your coach training? I am a graduate of Newfield Network’s Coach Training Program. Their Ontological approach is deeply grounded in the natural coherency
between language, body, moods and emotions. Newfield’s methods and practices aim to alter the way you “see” things and take action in your personal and professional life. In this process, you challenge shaky beliefs, change negative behaviors, and create new actions that foster change and help you start living your best life today! 

How many sessions do I need to reach my goals? Every person’s needs are different. Generally, I recommend a minimum of six sessions, up to as many as you feel are needed to support you in reaching your goals. We can meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. The choice is yours. 

How much does coaching cost? I recommend contracting for a minimum of six initial coaching sessions. Individual coaching sessions are $125 each. Each session lasts from 60-75 minutes.

Is coaching covered by insurance? No. However, some employers offer coaching as an employee benefit. 

Where do you coach? I coach some clients over the telephone or through the Internet and maintain a professional office suite. 

How do I get started? That’s easy. Call me or send me an e-mail. I will arrange a complimentary “getting to know you” session to learn if we are a good fit to work together.

For a free initial confidential phone consultation, call: (520) 955-1440
and start living your best life today!