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Life is Messy.”  It is filled with experiences that shape us as people and affect the way we think, act and feel about ourselves and the world in general.   Looking back, I realize that there were many difficult circumstances that profoundly shaped my life:  A mother with a debilitating disease, financial challenges, marriage, children, and the list goes on…  but “Living Life in the Trenches” taught me courage, perseverance, compassion, and patience. 

In my professional life, I enjoyed a successful 15 year career in print and broadcast media sales.  Yet, something was always missing for me personally.  I knew there must be some profession where my unique ability for connecting and relating to people would generate more than a paycheck.  The years that followed had many twists and turns and a number of false starts.

One day a dear friend said to me, “Have you considered becoming a Professional Life Coach?”  With neon-intensity, the proverbial light bulb lit up inside of me.  I knew I had finally found my calling.  Looking back now, I realize my inner-voice had been signaling me all along, but this time I listened and responded… and that has made all the difference in the world.

After researching several professional coach training programs, I enrolled at the internationally acclaimed Newfield Network.  I selected Newfield because of their Ontological approach to coaching which resonated with me on a fundamental and very personal level.  As a result of my training, I began to live with greater purpose, confidence, and determination.

Through Ontological coaching my aim is to support you in clarifying your goals, and aid in creating a life outside the boundaries of your old beliefs and behaviors.  Together we will co-create a path for success!

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“Sometimes you need more than just a chat over a cup of coffee with a friend.  Often family and friends are impatient with a dilemma you are trying to sort through long before it’s been resolved. That’s where an intuitive, trained life coach can make all the difference. Bobbi’s skill at hearing nuances, seeing patterns and connections, and reflecting the different facets of whatever it is we are discussing is invaluable. Fuzzy possibilities gain clarity and focus. Aimless wanderings find milestones, clear directions, and fuel to go forward. Every conversation brings to light hidden details and unnoticed assumptions that have been lurking in the shadows. Her emphasis on process and positive momentum, her compassionate presence, and her insightful observations combine to create a resource that is rare in our frenetic 24/7 culture: an oasis for reflection, preparation and change.  Bobbi embodies the best qualities of a trusted friend with the priceless addition of the skills and experience that make her a superlative life coach. Our session time is never dull. Whether the subject brings laughter or tears, surprising discoveries and “Aha!” epiphanies are always part of the hour.”  Terri C.



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