Certified Life Coaching

“Bobbi helped me through a rough transition with a new job and guidance in making a good choice in a personal relationship.  Her warm caring attitude made me feel safe to share my innermost feelings.  It’s easy to connect with someone who really listens.   Bobbi walks her talk … how refreshing!”   Karen G.

Bobbi S. Paley, NCC offers one-on-one coaching for people who want change and improve their lives. Do you feel stuck? Are you struggling with a major transition in your personal or professional life?  In this fast paced world, it is often hard to stop, slow down, reflect, consider your options, make informed decisions about the future ...  and change the direction of your life. 

A Personal Life Coach will help you ...
• Discover what is most important to you
• Improve your self-esteem and confidence
• Build and maintain positive relationships
• Overcome obstacles to success
• Plan and achieve goals
• Overcome loss and navigate change

At different times in everyone's life,  we each face  a variety of challenges ranging from small to what may seem insurmountable, whether its struggling with difficult relationships at home or at work,  changing  careers,  seeking to make life changing decisions ... overcoming loss ... and everything in between.

Sometimes, there is simply no “safe place” to discuss the things that matter most without risk or making matters worse ... that's  where a Life Coach can truly make a difference and help you navigate a path forward with greater confidence and clarity.

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Certified Life Coach, NCC

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